As mentioned in my first blog post, one of my all time favorite things to do is travel. My mom took me to places like New York, Chicago, Japan, London, France, India, and Sri Lanka. In my adult life, from being so experienced as a kid, I’ve been able to easily travel and get around my way. I recently just came from Thailand, Canada and of course, Hawaii. My next destinations will be San Francisco before the summer is over, New York for September, and I was thinking about hoping over to New Orleans for Halloween, but who knows! I also have plans to go to Iceland in March and Japan in the summer time next year. I think one of my favorite places in the world is Dharmsala, India and Lahaina, Hawaii. I love being up in the Himalayas away from everything and everyone. I got to experience and learn a lot about Tibetan culture and was able to pay respects to the Dalai Lama’s home. Hawaii is just a second home to me. I love being on the Island. It’s so care-free. You can just get a little high and watch the sunset off Front Street. It’s lovely!
Dance has also been a big part of my life, for my whole life. When I was little my mom put me in hip hop classes because I refused to be a ballerina (I was a tomboy… even though when I was younger I dressed as a ballerina for Halloween 3 years in a row?). I kept up dance through out elementary school, middle school and high school. First starting out as a little hip hop dancer going to Shane Spark’s classes and taking all the classes and Millennium. Then I transitioned into contemporary dance and becoming the head of the dance team. Once out of school, is where I found Burlesque which evolved into Pole dance which evolved into erotic dance which is what I do every day now in my free time at home.
Because dance is important, music is important, and because music is important, fashion is important. I am constantly staying up to date on new music and fashion. I don’t know what it is, but it’s just fun for me! I love music, its sets the vibe. My go to will always be Hip Hop&Rap, or I guess it’s “trap music” now. I also will listen to R&B, EDM, and sometimes rock. I know everyone says they “listen to everything” but I’ll say, I listen to anything that I can dance to.
As far as fashion, I’m inspired by chic business women in Beverly Hills and Manhattan, but at the same time, I love Japanese and American Streetwear. I love getting all dolled up and taking care of myself. It’s just one of those things where you can’t beat a good bath bomb and face mask and then putting on makeup and a designer dress.
I’m not all superficial though, a big soft spot for me is animals, especially dogs. If you put a dog in front of me I will try and adopt it. I’ve grown up with dogs my whole life. My grandma had 7 dogs when I was a kid, and now I have a little toy poodle (who now lives with my mom, just because she wanted a child) and a big Doodle in Hawaii who lives with my aunty and uncle. I actually am planning on fostering dogs when I am settling down for the Winter here in Los Angeles, and well that’s IF I don’t travel.
That’s just a few of the big things that I like, but I will post a blog soon about favorite actives, food, and drinks!