I love to travel and I’d love to travel with you. Everyone needs a travel buddy and you and I would be perfect! There are also times where I don’t have a city on my tour, so if you wanted to, you could fly me to you! I am very experienced traveller, so you won’t have to hold my hand through the process. I have my passport as I love going overseas. I actually carry it with me just in case! I also have my Global Entry card which makes me TSA Pre Checked which is a favorite luxury of mine.
Since I’m petite, riding on any plane is cozy and relaxing for me. I usually go to sleep, write in my journals, or read a good book. I have also been blessed with being able to adapt to any time zone which means no jet lag for me! For the majority of my travels, I like to pack light. I usually only bring two carry-ons as I know traveling with a ton of suitcases gets a little hard and frustrating. Of course depending on the occasion I will bring more if I have to.
I have clothes for every type of social situation and any type of weather! I am very respectful of other places so I will always dress accordingly. I love exploring new cities, so I would love it if you were able to take me out and show me around! I love to, as nerdy as it sounds, sight see, go to restaurants, bars, or even an underground club. I’m always up for an adventure!